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Comparing with normal industrial park

Point of comparison

Export Processing Zones

regular industrial parks

Importing production equipment, spare parts, molds, basic construction materials, office supplies, etc.

Tariff free

In accordance with regulations, tariffs are imposed on infrastructure development materials, spare parts, molds, office supplies and other products. machines and other equipment from government-encouraged industries and export-only enterprises are exempt from tariffs; all other goods are subject to tariffs.

Customs clearance

24 hour direct customs services

Direct or transferred for other customs checks. full container loads will be able to enter directly, but bulk-cargo will need clearance from the entry ports customs office.

Import of materials or parts used for processing and trade

bonded materials or parts are simply placed on record and require no registration handbook or cash deposits

Bonded goods require the use of registration handbooks and cash deposits, and must be declared to customs during import and export. customs clearance procedures include item-by-item declaration, electronic or personal document review, and item-by-item handbook verification.

Quota and licensing policies

not necessary for imports

Customary quota and licensing policies apply

Domestic purchase

viewed as exports, customs office signs and issues export tax refund forms

Value-added taxes imposed on domestic sales

Transfer of bonded materials and parts within the area

raw materials and unfinished products can be transferred and exchanged freely within the zone

Taxes levied on the domestic sale of bonded goods

Post-processing exports

exempt from value-added taxes

Value-added taxes refunded

Goods verification

twice a year

Verified with each handbook

Cancellation after verification of foreign exchange

no need for foreign currency sale verification procedures

Export verification form management and import payment verification procedures required

Income tax rate




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